Capacitor discharge spot welder tips for spot welding parts of different thickness

1. Choose electrodes with different touch surface diameter or spherical radius in thin parts or conductive, one side of the workpiece with good thermal conductivity should choose a smaller diameter or spherical radius to improve the current strength on one side and reduce the influence of electrode heat dissipation on thin parts or conductive.

2. The side of the workpiece with good thermal conductivity is selected with poor thermal conductivity alloy copper to reduce the heat loss on this side. Choose a thin or conductive workpiece gasket, the side of the workpiece with good thermal conductivity pad a gasket made of metal with poor thermal conductivity, reducing the heat exhaust on this side.

3. Due to the short energizing time, it increases the influence of the melting point of the circuit resistance between the work pieces, reduces the influence of the electrode heat dissipation and helps to overcome the key deflection. The method is effective for spot welding of very thin and thick parts. As with the high frequency inverter DC spot welder, the capacitor discharge welder can spot weld very large thicknesses of commodity workpieces.


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