Capacitor discharge welder has its unique features in thin foil and multi-layer welding

Capacitor discharge welder is an efficient anti-welding method that uses the electrical energy stored in the capacitor to discharge and convert the current through the welding transformer to obtain a fast and concentrated rate of energy release for welding.

Capacitor discharge welder absorbs low transient power from the grid, can balance three-phase load, high power factor, steep welding current waveform, concentrated heating, no intermittent process of AC over zero; easy to control precisely, stable welding quality. In addition, the adjustment performance of the welder is better. By adjusting the charging voltage of the capacitor bank, the capacity of the capacitor bank and the transformer ratio of the welding transformer, the size of the welding current and the energizing time can be adjusted.

Capacitor discharge welder is suitable for a wide range of parts, for welding structures with very different physical properties or with large thickness ratios, especially when welding shaped metals and light alloys. It is also unique in thin foil and multi-layer welding. The weld shape becomes smaller and aesthetically pleasing. With the development of science and technology and the development and application of new equipment, the capacitor discharge welder's performance is greatly improved, the cost is greatly reduced, and the application is becoming more and more common. For example, welding automobile decoration and large thin plate components, etc.


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