How does the spot welder operate? What are the operating procedures?

There are many types of spot welders for a wide range of applications. But how do you operate a spot welder? What are the operating procedures?

1. The spot welder should meet the relevant requirements.

2. The working environment should be consistent with the instruction of the spot welder.

3. The outdoor spot welder should take lightning protection measures to avoid vibration.

4. There should be an independent power switch and meet the capacity requirements. If overloaded, the power supply device should be automatically cut off, and multiple welding machines should not use the switch.

5. The power supply should have exclusive access and should be in a place convenient for staff to operate.

6. For the exposed electrically charged part of the machine, there should be a protective device.

7. For the spot welder's environment, it should be ventilated and dry, and there should be no high heat or flammable materials nearby.

8. Before the spot welder starts, the welding pliers and welding parts should not be short-circuited, so no items should be placed on the machinery.

9. When the spot welder is damp, it should be dried manually and checked and repaired in time.


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