Does the resistance welder need a water chiller to cool next to it?

As the resistance welding machine is working, the resistance head is prone to high temperature, which affects the accuracy of the processed products, so the chiller needs to be cooled next to the chiller to ensure the accuracy of the processed products. When summer comes, the importance of chiller is more prominent. Before welding the suspended MF spot welder, you should make sure there is enough cooling water through the cooling system (effectively cooling the silicon, transformer and water cable).

Although medium-frequency spot welder has installed temperature protection devices for important parts, sometimes it cannot play its proper role during use, which not only increases the failure rate of the equipment, but also poses a great safety hazard. In serious cases, sharply heated water cables can scald workers, and the burnout of welding transformers can also cause safety accidents.

When resistance welding machine operators use the equipment, for various reasons, they may sometimes ignore the importance of the cooling circulating water valve and not open it completely or forget to open it, resulting in the water cable being damaged too quickly because it cannot be cooled effectively.

Spot welding machine equipped with water chiller can improve the safety and stability of welding work and prolong the service life of welding machine, so more and more companies start to use water chiller.

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