How does the factory usually adjust the welding energy of the seam welder?

The general seam welder adopts correction theory, self-correcting welding wheel, and the width of welding seam is kept uniform. Energy saving, network three-phase balance. Seam welding microcomputer control module can complete the four basic seam welding process specifications of compression, welding and maintenance, and can choose continuous welding and intermittent pulse welding.

Seam welder pulse duty cycle can be adjusted from 1:1 to 9:9. Compression time, holding time can be adjusted from 0.1 to 4 seconds and welding energy can be adjusted from 10% to 99%. The control module has grid voltage self-tracking compensation function, which can further improve the quality of workpiece welding.

So how does the factory generally adjust the welding energy of the seam welder? Metal material welding is worse than spot welding, the main reason is that the welding process and specification parameters are complex, insufficient mechanical force, sealing and corrosion resistance make it sensitive to defects, but the welded joint is still a joint action of thermo-mechanical forces, so that welding and spot welding is not essentially different, it is usually considered that the metal material spot welding mark also applies to welding. Metal material spot welding indicators welding parameters generally provide metal material spot welding technology can be used as welding reference.


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