How to improve the welding efficiency of the capacitor discharge spot welder?

As we all know, capacitor discharge welder is an excellent resistance welding equipment, which has great welding advantages in many fields, especially in the field of nut spot welding.

1. The frame of the energy dissipation welder is welded with thicker steel plate as the main beam, and a special process is used to remove the stress, preventing deformation of the frame when subjected to high pressure and ensuring the stability of the energy dissipation spot welder welding.


2. The high-power energy storage transformer adopts vacuum epoxy casting with the fixed coil and secondary. When the high current is released instantly, the magnetic field vibration of the transformer will not damage the coil, greatly extending the service life of the welding transformer.

3. The capacitor adopts imported capacitor and control module, which is characterized by fast charging and stable output current.

4. Cylinder guide using diamond-shaped guide bar, several directions using bearing guide, cylinder follow gap can be adjusted to 0.1mm not only to ensure not only accurate followability during welding, but also consistent stability throughout the entire process.

5. The discharge time of the energy storage spot welder is controlled at 10-20ms with a small heat affected zone, which can ensure the welding strength of the product, reduce the impact on the base material outside the welded joint, and ensure the welding appearance and product integrity.

6. From the optimization of the structure of the capacitor discharge welder to the improvement of welding performance, we focus on the core elements of equipment performance and welding efficiency.

Details are often the key reason for the success or failure of things. To do a good job of the energy storage spot welder, we must start from the source of the development and design of the energy storage spot welder to kill some of the main factors that affect the quality of welding.

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