How to use the band saw blade butt welding machine?

1. Cut both ends of the saw blade (or steel strip) to be welded evenly, then put the saw blade into the two-electrode pressure plate of the welding machine, align the joints together and tighten the handle. Clamp the saw blade first, then move the welding handle, press the welding button to turn on the transformer, then the saw blade begins to flash and melt, when the flash heats to an appropriate temperature, the moving handle suddenly accelerates, squeezing the saw blades against each other with great pressure pressure, then cut off the current, and then the joint surface of the welding area is alternately crystallized, and the welding is completed.

2. After the welding is completed, release the pressing device, move the two pole plates about 2.5 cm away, so that the welding joint is in the middle of the two electrodes, then press it tightly, and press the tempering button. Note that this welding machine should use the pulse intermittent tempering method, that is, release the button immediately after pressing the button, and then press the button continuously and intermittently) while observing the welding port of the saw blade, it will turn dark brown (the temperature is about 580℃-630℃) and stop Tempering, do not make the saw blade bright red during tempering. If bright red appears, it means that the tempering temperature is too high, and the saw blade must be cooled before tempering a second time, otherwise it cannot be used. (16-30 type, 1-7 gears can be used when welding, and 8 gears must be set when tempering.)

Band saw blade butt welding machine is a welding equipment professionally produced by our factory. Our factory specializes in producing all kinds of spot welding machines, pneumatic spot welding machines, mobile spot welding machines, butt welding machines, saw blade butt welding machines, pneumatic butt welding machines, straightening machines, rebar rolling machines, working wrenches, rebar sleeves Tube etc. The above is the detailed information of the band saw blade butt welding machine and how to use the band saw blade butt welding machine. If you have any questions, you can consult us.

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