Research on matters needing attention of chain butt welding machine

The precautions for chain butt welding machine are as follows:

(1) Do not cut the material when the machine does not reach the normal speed.

(2) Before starting, it is necessary to check that the cutter should be free of cracks, the bolts of the tool holder are fastened, and the protective cover is firm. Then turn the pulley by hand, check the gear meshing clearance, and adjust the cutter clearance.

(3) After starting, it should be idling first to check that the transmission parts and bearings are running normally before operation.

(4) The worktable for feeding and feeding the material should be kept level with the lower part of the cutter, and the length of the worktable can be determined according to the length of the processed material. When processing longer steel bars, a special person should help and follow the instructions of the operator, and do not push or pull arbitrarily.

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