Inverter welding machine failure causes and repair methods

1、Failure causes of Inverter welding machine

Since the inverter welder belongs to electronic products, its structure and process are complicated, plus the instability of certain parts can make the welder malfunction.

Common causes of failure are:

a. Transportation vibration.

b. Operating voltage outside the operating range.

c. Overload.

d. Improper use.

e. The use of harsh environments, such as high temperature and humidity, etc.

f. Poor quality of individual components, etc.

2、The inverter welding machine commonly used repair methods

1). Resistance method.

Use a multimeter to measure the resistance value of each device in the circuit. Check whether there is a short circuit and open circuit in the circuit. If the resistance is damaged, the capacitor fails, the transistor is damaged, short-circuit or open circuit. The method is the simplest and most commonly used method for initial fault determination resistance, capacitance, inductance, transistors, integrated circuits, etc.

2). Voltage method.

Measure the working voltage of each working point of the circuit is normal. This method requires familiarity with the circuit. However, the measurement and judgment results will be more accurate.

3). Replacement method.

It is a method of replacing some components in the circuit that cannot be determined to be normal with good components to determine and eliminate the fault. The method is usually used for machines that can roughly determine the faulty part, and is usually used as a follow-up judgment method to the resistance method.

4). Waveform judgment method.

Under certain conditions, with the help of instruments such as oscilloscopes, you can observe the working waveform of each operating point and analyze the faulty part of the circuit from the waveform. This is the most intuitive fault analysis method to analyze some difficult problems.

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