What points should I pay attention to in the practical application of automatic spot welding machine?

In the welding process of automatic spot welding machine, a common problem is that the welded joints cannot be melted through during the welding process and spatter is generated, resulting in poor welding quality of the spot welding machine. Therefore, in practical application, attention should be paid to:

1.First, the welded joint is not penetrated, the nucleus is not formed or poorly formed.

1). No leakage, that is, no bean-shaped nucleus arrangement when spot welding. This defect is very dangerous and can significantly change the weld strength.

2). Debug the welding parameters. If there is no problem with the parameters, check the main power circuit, such as whether the power supply is sufficient and whether the welding transformer is damaged.

Second, the number of automatic spot welding machine is too much.

1). Check whether the insulation resistance of the bracket and the body is bad and whether a local short circuit is formed.

2). Check whether the contact surface, such as the flexible joint of copper, is seriously oxidized and the contact resistance is formed, which will aggravate the heat generation.

3). Check whether the thickness of the weld seam and the load continuity meet the requirements and whether the welder is overheated.

4). Check the incoming water pressure. Whether the water volume and water supply temperature are appropriate, whether the system is separated by dirt, and whether the electric arm is overheated due to poor cooling.

Third, the accidental spatter that occurs during the welding process.

1). Check whether the current pressure is too high or too low.

2). Insufficient strength of the welded parts: the welding current is getting smaller and smaller, and the welding phenomenon is not strong.

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