Rebar spot welding machine

Reinforcing bar spot welding machine is a special equipment for spot welding rebar mesh or rebar skeleton. It is used to replace manual wire binding, which saves metal materials and improves work efficiency.

Types of Rebar Spot Welders

1. Classification of spot welding machines There are many types of spot welding machines, which can be divided into four types according to the power source category: power frequency, capacitor energy storage, secondary rectification, and DC shock wave; according to the electrode type, it can be divided into single head, double head, three The first three types; according to the structure, it can be divided into three types: fixed type, suspended type and portable type; according to the pressure transmission method, it can be divided into three types: lever type, pneumatic type and hydraulic type. There are also some variant products such as steel mesh forming machine, CNC program-controlled spot welding machine, etc.

Structure and working principle of steel spot welding machine

1. Structure The steel bar spot welding machine is mainly composed of spot welding transformer, electrode arm, lever system, grading switch and cooling system.

2. Working principle During spot welding, superimpose the cleaned flat steel bars together and place them between the two electrodes, step on the foot pedal to make the intersection of the two steel bars in close contact, and at the same time the circuit breaker is also in contact, turning on The power supply makes the steel bar junction generate a large amount of resistance heat in a short time, and the steel bar is quickly heated to the melting point and is in a molten state. When the foot pedal is released, the circuit breaker cuts off the current with the lowering of the lever. Under the action of pressure, the junction of the molten steel bars cools and condenses into a welded joint.

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