What are the advantages of seam welder laser welding?

The seam welder is the main feedback sensor in the EFI engine automatic control system, the main feedback sensor for manipulating vehicle exhaust emissions and reducing vehicle pollution of the air. The seam welder is an important part of improving the quality of engine gas and diesel ignition.

Seam welder laser welding of the good potential:

1. No need to use electrodes, the seam welder has no concerns about environmental pollution or damage to electrodes.

2. The seam welder facilitates rapid welding with automated technology, which can be controlled by multiple positions or computers.

3.The seam welder product workpiece can be placed in a closed indoor space.

4. The laser is easy to focus, pointing and optical equipment can be placed at a moderate distance from the product workpiece and can be redirected between machines or obstacles around the product workpiece. Other welding rules cannot be fully utilized due to the above mentioned area restrictions.

5. The seam welder laser can focus on small areas and can weld small to medium sized, similarly spaced components.

6. The seam welder can weld a wide variety of materials, allowing close connection of various heterogeneous raw materials.

7. The seam welder will not be harmed by the electromagnetic field, and can point to the welded parts more accurately.


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