How to choose the right spot welder for your factory?

Spot welder is a widely used category of resistance welding at present. How to choose the right and cost effective resistance spot welder is a great concern for many users! In this regard, customers are faced with the choice of: brand, form, specification, price, etc.

Firstly, one should have their own budget and positioning, which is the key. How much money you intend to spend to solve the welding problem or to meet the production needs basically determines the direction of choice. With a direction, no time and effort will be wasted in the selection process.

Secondly, clarify their own welding requirements. In many cases, customers are not clear on the inspection criteria of the products they will weld and therefore cannot choose accurately! The requirements of welded parts are generally reflected in the following areas: weld strength (tension, torque, thrust, shear) and other appearance (distortion, discoloration), and welding efficiency.

Thirdly, need to assess the power supply capacity of your grid. If you weld large workpieces and need to choose a high-power spot welder, the user's grid capacity needs to meet the power supply requirements of the high-power spot welder, otherwise the equipment will not be used or be effective when it returns to the factory, resulting in a huge waste!

Forthly,take care to leave a margin. This is an issue that is easily overlooked by customers. Because of price concerns when selecting a model, the selected model has just the right amount of welding product. When there are bigger parts to be welded, it is found that the welding capacity is not enough and you have to spend money on more power! On the surface of the selection saves investment, or a waste of money!

Resistance welding equipment is a wide variety, the choice of space, spot welding machine to find a professional welding machine manufacturers more secure.


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