What are the operation matters of resistance spot welder controller?

When the resistance spot welder is energized, it is not allowed to open the controller box or touch the parts inside the box by hand to avoid electric shock (about 600V high voltage inside the box), note that after the power is disconnected and the internal circuit board indicator goes out, the energy storage capacitor inside the controller is close to 30V voltage exists, after confirming that the capacitor has been discharged, the controller can be maintained and serviced, please pay special attention!

Attention (failure to operate as specified may result in equipment damage) and dangerous conditions (failure to operate as specified may result in personal injury to the operator).

Controller is electrical equipment, should be kept dry and not affected by moisture or water; if there is water or moisture phenomenon, it should not be energized and used, otherwise it is easy to cause equipment damage and personal injury; after drying, its insulation performance should be measured.

Water-cooled controller should be connected with cooling water before use, and ensure that the cooling water has sufficient flow and pressure. Do not allow direct hand contact with the components on the control board, otherwise the components may be damaged by static electricity. Do not allow direct hand contact with the IGBT, otherwise static electricity may damage the components.

Warning (Failure to operate as specified may result in equipment failure).

Before powering on, make sure the electrical connection is correct and reliable and the incoming voltage meets the controller requirements. When power is applied or disconnected, stand outside the moving parts and no debris around the moving parts; avoid damage to the equipment and personal injury due to misoperation when power is applied or disconnected. After power failure, please issue a warning to avoid someone mistakenly energizing the power, causing equipment damage and personal injury.

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