What are the safety measures that need to be paid attention to when operating the medium frequency spot welder?

Medium frequency spot welder in use, especially some large machines, then safety measures, we must pay attention to this aspect, because we do not know, at what time, there will be a danger, so what are the safety measures for the operation of the medium frequency spot welder?

1:Prevent pollution

Medium frequency spot welding machine in welding to join the plating plate, or some alloy materials, producing toxic zinc, lead fumes, flash butt welding with a large amount of metal vapor generation, metal dust when repairing the electrode, so you must take certain ventilation measures to remove the fumes or smoke most commonly used is the filter or smoke exhaust system.

2: Pay attention to crush injury prevention (collision injury)

Medium frequency spot welding machine must be fixed one person to operate, to prevent multiple people from crushing accident due to improper cooperation. The foot switch must have safety protection. Foreign medium frequency spot welding machine on the clamping button with a double button, the operator must press a button at the same time before clamping, in order to eliminate the incident of hand clamping. Multi-medium frequency spot welder is set up around the fence, the operator must exit after feeding, a certain distance from the equipment or close the door before starting the medium frequency spot welder to ensure that the moving parts hit the personnel.

3: Pay attention to prevent burns

Medium frequency spot welding machine will work with spatter, especially in the case of uneven workpiece (especially when the high-power large workpiece welding). Therefore, the operator should wear protective glasses to prevent burns. Medium frequency spot welding machine in the welding of some relatively short workpiece, the need for energy is relatively large, the temperature of the workpiece will be very high, will also burn the hands, which requires gloves or the use of clamps. In addition, there are times when the spark will be relatively large, so the surrounding and above should be free of flammable materials.

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