What is the power level and welding characteristics of the capacitor discharge welder?


Capacitor discharge welder, also known as capacitor discharge spot welder, is a relatively concentrated and stable pulse current of energy that forms a resistance through the contact point of the welded workpiece and thermally melts the metal. The outstanding feature of the capacitor discharge welder is the short discharge time and high instantaneous current, so the heat effect after welding such as deformation and fading is very small. The low power energy storage spot welder is suitable for welding precision parts, and the high power energy storage spot welder is suitable for multi-point convex welding, ring convex welding and sealing convex welding.

The energy storage welder is designed by mechanical pressurization mechanism. When installing the welder, first fix the guide bar and support bar on the base plate, then use two light reset spring bushings on the guide bar and support bar respectively, then install the pressure bar on the support bar and guide bar, then fix

the two electrodes on the base plate and pressure bar respectively. During the installation process, care should be taken that the two electrodes have a more accurate coaxiality.

During the welding process, the workpiece is first placed between the two electrodes, the nut on the support bar is rotated (the electrode spacing is not large because the part is thin, so the pressure bar of the spot welder can run through the electrodes toward the base plate, and then the workpiece can be firmly fitted between the two electrodes. After the welding is finished, turn the nut in the opposite direction, at this time, the reset spring pushes up the pressure rod and the electrodes fixed on the pressure rod, and then take out the workpiece after the welding is finished.

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