Why does the resistance spot welder need to clean the surface well?1

During the operation of the resistance spot welder, the surface of the work piece needs to be cleaned, as this reduces the defect rate of the welded joint and improves the welding efficiency.

When the surface of the workpiece accumulates oxidation layer, oil and other dirt, the surface contact resistance will increase sharply and fluctuate in a wide range, which directly affects the stability of the quality of the welded parts.

In order to ensure the stability of the quality of the welder and improve the service life of the electrode, the surface of the spot welder should have a small and uniform contact resistance. Therefore, the surface of spot welder welded parts must be carefully cleaned before welding to remove dirt and oxide film from the surface. Spot welding electrodes are also consumables and should be replaced with new electrodes regularly to ensure the best quality of the welded joint.

They should be used in a dry environment to make the equipment work well in the application. Pay attention to temperature: In addition to the humidity requirements in the environment, attention should also be paid to the ambient temperature, which can also affect the equipment if the temperature is too high. As the operation of the equipment itself will generate high temperature, coupled with the influence of external high temperature, the high temperature will cause the equipment parts to burn due to high temperature, thus affecting the performance of the equipment.


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