How to operate the spot welder to get good quality?

To use the spot welder well, the operator must strictly follow the actual operation in practice. Corrosion and oil should be eliminated from the surface of the workpiece, otherwise the quality of spot welding will be jeopardized. When spot welding, the welding current, welding time and electrode pressure should be adjusted repeatedly to obtain better process parameters and satisfactory welding results.

When selecting welding specifications for test welding, the welding time should be short to long, and the heat adjustment should be low to high. If the welded workpiece is not stuck tightly and the welding switch is pressed, it often causes fire and damages the surface of the workpiece. During the welding process, you cannot pull out the heat adjustment knob or pull out the welding time figure at will. The two electrodes must not touch.

The cable must be firmly connected to each part, otherwise the local rapid heating of the connection point during welding will reduce the service life of the welding machine, cable and other parts. The welding line can be equipped with waterless rubber if cooling water circulation is not required for ease of use.

If the high current continues to be used and the temperature of the torch or welding pliers rises, the metal part of the torch must be immersed in water to cool as soon as possible and must not continue to be used on the premise that the cable temperature is too high, which will reduce the service life of the cable and the various parts of the welder. The entire point head should be kept clean. If it is not clean, it should be cleaned as soon as possible with a file or 00 grit sandpaper. If the point head is used for a long time, the top of the point head will become larger. The original size and style must be corrected with a file as soon as possible.


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