Why does the spot welder have a noisy situation?

Throughout the process of welding the workpiece, the spot welder sometimes generates some noise. If the sound is too loud, then it is generating noise. So why does the spot welder make noise?

When welding starts, the influence of the electrode rod should be adjusted in advance. When the electrode is pressed exactly on the welded workpiece, the electrode arm forms a parallel surface with it. Welding through current should be adjusted according to different welding materials and thickness.

Check that the switching power cord is not too thin or too long, causing the line pressure to tend to drop too much. The network operating voltage may be too low. Is the main transformer short-circuit fault or too much current.

Spot welding machine has high production efficiency, cost advantage, energy saving advantage and convenient automation. It can be widely used in metal box and cabinet manufacturing, construction machinery repair, vehicle parts, shaped standard parts, handicrafts, electronic components, batteries, hardware spot welding, etc. The reason why spot welding machine can be widely used today is closely related to its principle and production method.

When the spot welder starts to work, two voltage workpieces can make two layers of metal at two voltages to form a certain contact resistance, when the welding current flows from one current to another, two contact resistance points form instantaneous thermal fusion, welding current flows from another current to another current, without damaging the internal structure of the welded workpiece.


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