Guangzhou Invisible Champion Enterprise! How Did Heron Do It?

In 2021, Guangzhou Industry Investment Promotion Association hosted the first "Guangzhou Invisible Champion Enterprise Innovation Development Seminar", and Heron, as a member of advanced manufacturing industry, was awarded the first batch of Guangzhou Invisible Champion Enterprise. Why did Heron get the honor of "Invisible Champion"? See below.

First,steady development, step by step

Heron was founded in Guangzhou in 1991, and is committed to becoming a domestic and ingenious brand of equipment manufacturing based in China and facing the world. In 1994, Heron produced the first integrated suspension welding gun; in 1999, Heron exported 6 resistance welding machines to Rainbow, Canada; in 2003, Heron independently developed a 60KA medium frequency inverter resistance welding machine; in 2011, Heron the medium-voltage capacitor energy storage welding machine was invented. Up to now, Heron welding equipment has been used in seven major manufacturing industries such as automobiles, home appliances, and compressors.

From the beginning of the domestic market, to export to Europe and America to the world. Heron has been focusing on metal connection process for 30 years, constantly doing every little thing well, overcoming technical difficulties little by little, providing complete metal connection solutions for major famous users at home and abroad.


Second, employees live and work in peace and contentment

Reliable products originate from the stability of the enterprise, and the stability of the enterprise relies on the leader who has a strong sense of professionalism. Mr. Zou Chunya, the founder of Heron, graduated from Harbin Institute of Technology in 1988 with a degree in welding, and is now the executive director of the Welding Society of the Automotive Engineering Association, the director of the Guangzhou Sheet Metal Processing Association, a member of the Guangzhou Welding Expert Pool, a member of the South China Welding Association, and a long-term member of the American Welding Society (RWMA). Mr. Zou has continuously used resistance welding technology to invent new processes, and has obtained nearly 50 technical patents, contributing to the transformation and upgrading of China's modern manufacturing industry.


Mr. Zou firmly believes that talent is the carrier of technology, and only when talent is stable can there be technological innovation. Heron keeps absorbing and cultivating top professionals in the welding field, and spends 300 million to build a production base with an area of 54,000 square meters and the "Heron Living Compound", so that more than 300 employees can live in peace and then enjoy their jobs, laying a solid foundation for reliable products and services.


Third, high-end technology, escort for development

The core components of the welding machine equipment - controller and transformer - are independently developed by Heron, which is equivalent to firmly grasping the "brain" and "heart" of the equipment, which can effectively guarantee it can not only guarantee the quality and meet the personalized design, but also directly provide the corresponding equipment maintenance parts and software and hardware upgrade services, which can improve the efficiency and reduce the maintenance cost.


Fourth, follow the trend and seek innovation in stability

As the economic level rises, the demand for labor gradually becomes a major anxiety for modern enterprises in the manufacturing industry. Workers' requirements for salary and environment are getting higher and higher, and the operation cost of enterprises has increased significantly. In response to the development trend of artificial intelligence, Heron has vigorously invested in the research and development of automatic production line to provide customers with stable and reliable intelligent equipment solutions.

Heron practices corporate social responsibility and actively promotes school-enterprise cooperation. We establish joint laboratory with Harbin Institute of Technology, interact with relevant experts in research and development, form a new enterprise operation mode of organic combination of production, learning and research, and contribute to a strong technology country.


At the end of 2021, the country released the "14th Five-Year Plan for the Development of Intelligent Manufacturing", which emphasizes the independent supply of key equipment domestic brands. As a hidden champion enterprise, Heron actively expands foreign cooperation and exchange and establishes Heron Metal Connect International Forum to promote the prosperity of the industry.

In the future, Heron will also not change its original intention and devote itself to becoming a first-class artisan brand in a big manufacturing country and creating value for customers.

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