When MBA Classroom Comes Into Heron, And See How Welding Technology Can Help Chinese Manufacturing?

Recently, Mr. Zou Chunya, the founder, chairman and president of Heron Intelligence, accepted the invitation from the School of Management of South China University of Technology and conducted an off-campus class with more than 40 MBA students and mentors from the School of Economics and Management in the base of Heron.

In the class, Mr. Zou Chunya analyzed the development prospect of the big welding industry and resistance welding subdivision industry, shared the strategic layout and experience model of Heron, and communicated with the students about his own entrepreneurial history and management thinking, let the audience form business inspiration. 


With 40 years of technical precipitation and industry experience,  he is clear about the future development of the industry and the positioning  choice of the enterprises. At the beginning of this lesson, Mr. Zou Chunya analyzed the current situation of the welding industry, pointing out that it is the key to modern industry and is at an important juncture of transformation.

He pointed out that welding equipment is equivalent to "industrial sewing machine", which is widely used in machinery, automobile and other industries, but also is an indispensable processing equipment for the country's cutting-edge industries such as aerospace and nuclear energy. At this stage, the welding equipment industry is at an important juncture of transformation. When combined with the mobile Internet, the Internet of Things, follow the pace of "Made in China 2025", emphasizing  driving innovation, intelligent transformation, green development to make China become welding equipment manufacturing powerhouse.

There are many kinds of welding process, the common ones on the market are brazing, arc welding, laser welding, resistance welding and so on. As for why specialize in resistance welding this industry, he gave a very simple answer.


"Resistance welding, is a green process." With the common fire bottles in life, if the green and clean resistance welding process, to replace the common brazing process now on the market to manufacture production, can save a lot of energy and reduce emissions. Mr. Zou talked about, "Digging a few less mines, opening a few less steel plants, and contributing to the guarding of the country's lucid waters and lush mountains, this is my wish."

Today, Heron has grown from an initial idea to a mature enterprise, shining in the field of welding.

The next step is to build domestic welding "explosive" products with hard technical strength.

Welding industry is a track full of opportunities and challenges. When the epidemic is raging and the global environment is complicated, the rise of a national brand is even more valuable.

At present, Heron's medium frequency and capacitive energy storage technologies are at the front of the industry. In recent years, through technological innovation, we have successfully developed real-time quality control system and rivetless riveting technology, which constantly bring surprises to the welding industry.

He admits that although Heron has been rooted in the welding field for more than thirty years, there is still great room for progress. As the saying goes, "Even the wine smells good, it is afraid of the alley". The hard strength of technological innovation alone is not enough, but more manufacturing enterprises need to recognize the growth of the domestic welding industry, to enhance the visibility and recognition of domestic equipment.

In terms of this issue, Mr. Zou Chunya had a heated discussion with the teachers and students. Among them, many trainees with relevant experience in manufacturing industry put forward their unique views on product design, user experience, appearance and packaging, etc., and the classroom was full of applause. In the next enterprise planning, Heron will also devote to product modularization, optimize the existing equipment catalog, and make Heron’s robot welding gun and resistance welding general-purpose machine series, which will be the explosive products in the industry.

Among them, many students with relevant experience in manufacturing industry put forward their own unique views on product design, user experience, appearance and packaging, etc., and the class applauded constantly. In the following enterprise planning, Heron will also be committed to product modularization, optimize the existing equipment catalog, make Heron’s robot welding gun and resistance welding universal machine series, to create popular products in the industry.

Two hours passed quickly and the class came to an end under the summary of the instructor. The participants expressed their recognition of the "off-campus class" mode and said they had a new understanding of the development of Heron and the welding industry and resistance welding industry.


Mr. Zou Chunya also said that he benefited a lot from the communication with the trainees. Heron will also continue to innovate and break through in the future to achieve a broader development space and bring new vitality to the ancient welding industry continuously.

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