Heron Help Capacity Growth--Behind The Sales Of New Energy Vehicle Company More Than One Million!

On October 3, BYD disclosed its production and sales snapshot in September. The flash report shows that in September, BYD new energy passenger car production 204,600 units, sales of 200,100 units, both exceeded 200,000 units. BYD is also the first independent brand whose monthly production and sales exceeded 200,000. BYD's September sales of 200,100 units helped BYD's cumulative sales from January to September exceed one million units, reclaiming its throne as the global new energy sales champion on a monthly, quarterly and annual cumulative basis.

Behind the bright sales is a strong enough capacity to support. In the face of growing market demand, BYD is also increasing production capacity in many places. Not long ago, BYD Changsha welding line LB project was completed and put into operation, the robot welding gun and controller in the production line are provided by Heron, and the completed and put into operation BYD LB welding line has the manufacturing capacity of 100,000+ vehicles per year. Behind this capacity addition is the determination of Heron people and BYD people to work together and help the development of China's new energy vehicle industry.


Point 1: It took more than one month to make high quality products.

Heron received the order of 122 sets of welding guns and 125 sets of controllers at the end of January, and delivered all the products with high quality at the end of March, in time for the completion of LB production line. This is a delivery speed rarely seen in the industry! However, this is not the first time that Heron helps customers to rush work, as early as last October, Heron delivered nearly 100 sets of robotic welding pliers to a production line of BYD Xi'an in a short time, which took more than 30 days. Behind this high efficiency and high quality is Heron's strong manufacturing capability.Heron, a famous welding equipment manufacturer in the industry, has a plant area of 54,000 square meters, from pre-sales support to order signing to R&D design to production debugging, quality inspection, logistics, in each link of the whole chain Heron has set up an exclusive space and personnel; Heron now has nearly 400 employees, including more than 70 senior engineers and more than 100 production personnel, the adequacy of personnel, making every Heron The sufficient staff makes every drawing of Heron more fine and every product more efficient! According to statistics, Heron is able to produce 40 sets of robotic welding guns and 40 sets of controllers a day, which is the key reason why Heron is able to complete product delivery within two months.


Point 2: Fast demand response, strong production control.

With the rapid development of the new energy industry, whether the production capacity can quickly keep up with the market demand is the key to whether the car companies can outperform the competitors. In this project, the time is tight and the task is heavy, which puts high demands on the demand response ability and the production control ability of the supplier at the later stage.

Heron timely responded to the actual demand of BYD, and showed strong production control ability from the preliminary communication to the final delivery. Heron transported ERP, PDM, CRM, OA and other management software, and adopted interconnection management mode for production operation control, striving to ensure product quality while shortening project development cycle, helping customers to improve production efficiency and reduce production costs.

The timely response ability and strong production control ability have enabled Heron to win the praise of many famous enterprises like BYD!

Point 3: Heron will continue to help the car company's production capacity growth!

The successful completion of the initial cooperation has won the recognition of BYD for the product quality and timely delivery, which has laid a solid foundation for the subsequent in-depth cooperation between Heron and BYD. In this year, Heron won BYD's annual bid four times, and signed a combined order of over 100 million with BYD, which is expected to increase production capacity by over one million! In the next cooperation, Heron also continues to focus on efficiency and quality, and bring more good products to BYD!

With more than 30 years of research, Heron has gained the recognition of many high quality enterprises like BYD, and we are grateful for your support and recognition all the way! Heron will continue to "not forget the original intention", uphold the concept of "continuous exploration, continuous innovation, create value for customers", continue to do "focus, professional, dedicated" welders, do "feasible, reliable and possible" enterprise, to bring more technological innovation and equipment innovation for the industry and customers!

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