The Machine Is Running Fast, The Workers Are Busy, The Production Line Is Running At Full Capacity.

Up to now, Heron has signed cooperation agreements with BYD four times this year, and the order

amount is over 100 million. The main character of this "one hundred million" order is the robot 

welding gun, a product that Heron has been developing for many years.

Heron specializes in producing robot welding gun for more than 20 years, its robot welding gun have

a full range of pliers, including heavy trucks, light trucks, passenger cars, special vehicles and engineering vehicles, a total of more than 300 types of guns, mainly used in the field of automotive vehicles, the market holdings of more than 10,000 units.

Behind the strong support from many customers is Heron's long-term adherence to "professionalism, concentration and dedication".


The bottom of winning large orders is the high quality products, and the basis of high quality products is 

the hard enough technology. Over the years, Heron has been exploring the technical mysteries of the industry with the spirit of "continuous exploration and active innovation" in research and development. 

In the robot welding gun research and design, and achieved certain results, and now has a number of related patents.


However, professionalism is only the foundation of quality products, what is needed to make good products is more concentration. In order to manufacture high quality products, a robot welding gun is born with every detail carefully polished from design to final inspection. In terms of design, Heron takes customers' needs as the guide, and designs products that can meet customers' needs through many pre-production exchanges and in accordance with a perfect communication design process.

Heron focuses on the research and development of advanced technology to become a professional enterprise; Heron also focuses on the quality assurance of every detail of the products to become a reliable enterprise.

Before the products are sent out, Heron has tested and analyzed the stability, reliability and durability of each product. For each welding pliers, we do 3D simplified force analysis to make sure the force and strain degree of the pliers are within the normal range while making the gun lighter. In addition, we also did tests on the details of the robot welding guns.

For example:

1. real-time monitoring of the water flow of the welding gun each way.

2. real time testing of the whole machine through the temperature rise part of the SMD temperature sensor.

3. water flow testing: water flow into the water, transformer water flow, electrode arm water flow for testing and speed control.

4. Whole machine strain deformation test: electrode pressure over 500KG, electrode deformation <2mm, electrode deviation <0.5mm.

5. Inverter power supply full load stability and reliability test.

Product advantages

Professional and concentration have enabled Heron to polish and create quality products over the years. Compared with other products, Heron's robotic welding guns have the following outstanding advantages.

✔The gun body is designed with lightweight concept and compact structure.

✔The gun body is also suitable for using self-made electric cylinder or hollow motor.

✔Key components are self-developed and manufactured with modular design, easy to disassemble and maintain.

✔High degree of symmetry of welding guns, can reduce the number of welding guns.

✔High degree of standardization of the gun body, the interchangeability rate between different welding tongs up to 90% or more, can reduce the spare parts reserve.

✔Gun body rigidity, the maximum electrode pressure up to 600kg, can meet the needs of high current welding.

Heron firmly believes that professional and concentration can create "feasible, reliable and possible", and in the years to come, Heron will keep moving forward to bring more new discoveries to the industry and create more good products for customers!


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