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Three keys to win trust

Many leading companies in the low-voltage electrical industry, after a series of evaluation and decision, chose Heron as their partner, adopted Heron's series of industrialized welding special machines and whole-line solutions for frames and molded case circuit breakers, and used Heron's spot welding machines.

There are three main reasons why major companies choose Heron:

First, the efficiency improvement.

With Heron welding machine, many parts of the workpiece can be welded directly without spot welding paste, saving solder cost. At the same time, Heron provides customized equipment solutions to help automate the production line of circuit breaker contact system according to customer needs.

After the contact system production line is put on line, only one permanent worker is responsible for loading semi-finished products, one mobile worker is responsible for refilling the workpieces and loading the finished products, and the rest of the process is completed automatically, which can realize about 4000 pieces of finished solder products per day.


Equipment production site

In this way, the production efficiency can be greatly improved and the production cost can be reduced. In addition to the automated production line, Heron provides a special machine for static contact + silver point welding, which is capable of welding about 5,000 pieces of workpieces/day, meeting the basic capacity needs of low-voltage electrical enterprises.

Second, stable quality.

Heron independently developed the transformer and controller of the welding machine, with more than thirty years of experience in equipment manufacturing and twenty years of practical experience in low-voltage electrical industry. The equipment has the characteristics of high welding precision and small workpiece error.

At the same time, Heron's automated production line realizes production informationization, each production material is scanned by barcode and then put on line, and each finished product is counted and then put off line. The system can automatically record and store the production data and the operation status of the equipment in real time, which is convenient for information management and quality tracing, so as to make the last line of defense and eliminate the quality problems to the maximum extent.

Third, beautiful and neat.

As Heron focus on the research and development of resistance welding technology, the welding power source can concentrate energy and discharge a large amount of energy in a short period of time, so there is almost no heat-affected zone on the welding surface of the parts. It can meet the demand of circuit breaker manufacturers for "not only high quality, but also high value".


In addition to the beauty of the welded products, the neatness and beauty of the production line is another reason why many manufacturers choose Heron. On the whole production line, the overall width and height of Heron equipment are consistent. The equipment is neatly placed from left to right, with the leftmost end feeding and the rightmost end discharging, which is convenient for manual packing. The layout is clear and reasonable for easy planning, and the layout is compact with high utilization rate, which can save the site to the maximum.


Nowadays, the application of circuit breakers is becoming more and more widespread and well known by everyone. While people enjoy the high efficiency brought by electricity, they are also in better control of it and better protect the most precious and fragile life.

Heron will also take this as its responsibility, escorting the final low-voltage electrical products production with welding quality and guarding the life safety of every user.

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