Three Common Solutions for Aluminum Alloy Welding

Aluminum alloy is widely used in industrial products because it has good physical properties, almost all kinds of welding methods can be used to weld aluminum and aluminum alloy, but aluminum and aluminum alloy have different adaptability to various welding methods, and various welding methods have their own applications.

Due to improper selection of welding methods and welding process parameters, aluminum alloy parts may be welded resulting in serious deformation. Weld porosity, slag entrapment, and lack of welding penetration can also lead to weld metal cracks or loose material, which can seriously affect product quality and performance. Today, Heron introduces to you the industry's three common aluminum alloy welding solutions: tungsten arc welding, resistance spot and seam welding, and pulse argon arc welding.


1. Tungsten arc welding

Tungsten arc welding is mainly used for aluminum alloys and is a good welding process. However, tungsten arc welding equipment is more complex and is not suitable for operation in an open-air environment.

Three Common Solutions for Aluminum Alloy Welding 1

2. Resistance spot and seam welding

This welding process can be used to weld thin aluminum alloy plates with a thickness of less than 5mm. However, the equipment used during welding is more complex, requiring a large welding current and resulting in high productivity. It is especially suitable for mass production of parts and components.

Three Common Solutions for Aluminum Alloy Welding 2 

3. Pulse argon arc welding

Pulse argon arc welding can greatly improve the stability during welding and allows for parameter adjustments to control arc power and weld shaping. This process results in minimal welding parts deformation,small heat-affected zone, and is especially suitable for thin plate, full position welding, and welding heat-sensitive materials such as forged aluminum, duralumin, and super-hard aluminum.


Three Common Solutions for Aluminum Alloy Welding 3

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Solutions For Aluminum Alloy Welding
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