How to control spatter on spot welding machines?

During the welding process when using a spot welder, spatter sometimes occurs, which may affect the strength of the solder joint and affect the workers who are working. So how do we control the spatter? Next, we will briefly introduce it to you. Just give it a try.

1. We need to strengthen the cleaning of the spot welding machine. Clean the spot welding machine workbench and welding objects before and after each use to ensure that the welding objects are neat and clean.

2. Pay attention to the preload during the welding process. If possible, it is recommended to increase the preheating current to slow down the heating speed. When using the spot welding machine, the spot welding machine is not cleaned. Pay attention to cleaning the working parts of the spot welding machine, so that the welding will be better.

3. It may be that the pressure distribution on the contact surface between the spot welding machine and the welding object is uneven, resulting in excessive local current density, which leads to early melting of the welding object and the generation of spatter. If it is spot welding Spatter occurred in the later period, so what was the cause? This may be because the pressure during spot welding was too high, exceeding the range of the electrode pressure, causing the plastic ring to break, causing spatter. We can shorten the power-on time and reduce the Galvanic method to prevent splashing

How to control spatter on spot welding machines?

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