How to ensure good application of butt welding with resistance welding equipment?

In order to ensure long-term good use of resistance welding equipment during butt welding, care must be taken to avoid heating of transformers, electrodes, jaws and other components, which must pass through water before welding. When welding, the adjusting nut must be adjusted to the required position for welding. .After completing the mechanical, electrical, water supply and other inspections and corresponding preparations, welding can be carried out.

Use a moderate secondary voltage when working. The primary input working voltage should be kept above 380v, and the wire should not be too long (within 100m). The input cable should be ensured to be above 25mm (copper core), and the pairing should match the equipment capacity. Power supply equipment (take model 100 as an example).

The butt welding machine is a lever pressure butt welding machine. It can use resistance welding and flash welding methods to weld low carbon steel, medium carbon steel, some alloy steels and non-ferrous metals such as bars, rings, laths, pipes and other profiles. , the main use is more common. The joint efficiency of flash welding is ideal, the joint of flash welding is good, the mechanical properties of the weld are similar to those of the base material, and there is no need to clean the pre-welded surface of the joint before welding.

Thickened wear-resistant all-copper electrode copper block, chromium copper has good electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity, high hardness, explosion resistance, crack resistance and high softening temperature. The alloy shell is sturdy and outdoor waterproof design, with a specially designed air outlet. It can prevent liquid from entering and effectively prevent corrosion and damage to internal components.

How to ensure good application of butt welding with resistance welding equipment?

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