How to troubleshoot welding machine failures?

Maintenance of the butt welding machine should be carried out after the power is cut off, and the maintenance should be carried out by a professional electrician; the vulnerable parts of the butt welding machine include left and right electrodes, and the material is chromium-zirconium alloy copper.

The welder does not work when the control button is pressed:


1. Check whether the power supply voltage is normal;

2. Check whether the control circuit wiring is normal;

3. Check whether the AC contactor is normally closed;

4. Check whether the main transformer coil is burned out;

Loosen the control button or travel screw to touch the travel switch, and the transformer will still work:


1. Check whether the control button and travel switch are normal;

2. Check whether the AC contactor and the intermediate relay armature are stuck with oil and cannot be disconnected, causing the main transformer to continue to supply power;

Welding is abnormal and there should be no spatter


1. Check whether the workpiece is dirty, has oil stains or rust marks;

2. Check whether the screw clamping mechanism can clamp the workpiece;

3. Check whether the electrode jaws are smooth and clean and whether there are iron marks;

The AC contactor cannot be welded normally and makes abnormal noises.


1. When welding, measure whether the incoming line voltage of the AC contactor is 300V lower than its own release voltage;

2. Check whether the lead is too thin or too long or the voltage drop is too large;

3. Check whether the network voltage is too low and cannot work properly;

4. Check whether there is a short circuit in the main transformer, causing too much current;

5. Repair, replace parts, and adjust according to the faulty parts detected;

How to troubleshoot welding machine failures?

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