Pay attention to the size of the resistance welding current parameter setting

Welding current is an important parameter for resistance welding. The penetration of the nugget depends on the size of the welding current. Assuming other values remain unchanged, increasing the current will increase the welding ratio without strengthening the strength of the welding joint.

The main energy consumption of the equipment is the current parameter. Therefore, excessive current is not cost-effective in daily operation. Setting the current too large will not only enhance the strength of the solder joints, but also cause the electrode ends to prematurely Redness, resulting in pores. More importantly, these product quality problems cause deep indentations and welding burn-through.

Setting the current parameter too large will not only increase the penetration depth, but also easily produce defects such as undercut and burn-through. In addition, when welding alloy workpieces, it will also cause excessive product burnout and overheat the welding area, causing the crystal grains to become coarse. This leads to a decrease in the mechanical properties of the product and an increase in errors.

However, too small a current is not enough. A small current setting will make the arc smaller and unstable, causing problems such as virtual welding and entrained welding slag, which will also have a serious impact on product quality.

Pay attention to the size of the resistance welding current parameter setting

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