Liquid Storage Tank, How to Reduce Costs and Increase Efficiency!

During the manufacturing of air conditioning compressors, did you encounter any problems with the welding liquid storage tanks?

1. Liquid storage tank is a key component in the air conditioning compressors


The liquid storage tank is a key component in air conditioning compressors and is generally installed on the inhaler. Its main functions are:


Liquid Storage Tank, How to Reduce Costs and Increase Efficiency! 1


(1) Stores liquid components of the refrigerant and reduces the load on the condenser. 

(2) It acts as a liquid seal to prevent gas from entering the low-pressure compressor and producing liquid shock. Liquid shock mainly occurs in piston compressors because the refrigerant liquid (or lubricant oil) is sucked into the compressor, causing abnormal shock accidents to the compressor.

(3) It prevents the condensate from accumulating too much in the condenser, which can reduce the heat transfer area and affect the heat transfer effect of the condenser.

(4) It adapts to the load changes of the evaporator. When the evaporation load increases, the supply also increases and is supplied by the liquid in the liquid storage tank; when the evaporation load becomes smaller, the required liquid volume also becomes smaller, and excess liquids are stored in the liquid storage tank.

(5) It plays a certain role in silencing and filtering.


2. Welding problems of liquid storage tank

Currently, the manufacturing of air conditioning compressor liquid storage tanks mainly uses furnace brazing or arc welding. However, the cost of these processes is high. Arc welding produces oxide scale and has low yield,while furnace brazing has an economic batch limit. Additionally, both processes have environmental issues.

The welding problems of liquid storage tanks are as follows:

(1) High cost

Furnace welding power consumption is 0.4-0.5℃ per piece, and furnace preheating consumes 1200-1500℃, which consumes a lot of power.

(2) High temperature

 Furnace welding requires a high temperature, which leads to frequent replacement of the chain heat-resistant layer and complex disassembly.

(3) Harsh working conditions

 Furnace welding requires an operating temperature of 40-50℃.

(4) Low efficiency

 Furnace welding efficiency is 30s/piece.

(5) Cannot be automated

(6) Unstable welding quality due to uneven solder filling.

To address these issues, Heron has developed and manufactured a high quality welding product that reduces costs and increases efficiency - medium voltage capacitor discharge (CD) welder for liquid storage tanks. The medium voltage capacitor discharge resistance welding process replaces the traditional brazing process, eliminating pollution and emissions, reducing energy consumption, and enabling clean production at room temperature throughout the process. This process eliminates energy consumption caused by solder and continuous heating, saving costs and being more environmentally friendly. The CD welder is low cost and suitable for small batch production, and it is fully automatic,eliminating the need for operators during and the welding process. The production cycle is 8s/unit, greatly improving production efficiency.

Liquid Storage Tank, How to Reduce Costs and Increase Efficiency! 2 

Main technical parameters:

Welder model


Rated Capacity



Power supply



Primary current



Max. short circuit current



Max. working pressure



Dimensions (LxWxH)




Currently, this welder is being used at a customer's production site in Dongguan. It is in excellent operating condition, and has greatly improved welding quality and efficiency. If you are interested, please contact us for more product details!

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