Role Of Hot Stamping Steel In Body-In-White Parts

We often watch on TV how the blacksmith knocks red-hot iron into shape and then suddenly inserts it into a bucket. This process is called quenching, which is a common heat treatment process. This process is widely applied in metal manufacturing and is used in the production of high-strength steel. Boron steel plates (initial strength is 500~600MPa) are heated to the austenitic state and quickly transferred to a mold for high-speed stamping. Under certain pressure conditions, the parts are quenched in the mold at a cooling rate greater than 27°C/s, and pressure-holding quenching for a period of time to obtain ultra-high-strength steel parts (1300-1600Mpa) with a uniform martensite structure.

Hot stamping steel has extremely high material strength and ductility. The tensile strength of general high-strength steel is around 400-450MPa, while the tensile strength of hot stamping steel reaches 500-800 MPa before heating and increases to 1300-1600 MPa after heating and forming. Therefore, hot stamping steel is widely used in automotive body parts manufacturing. The body made of hot stamping steel greatly improves the body's collision resistance and overall safety, protecting the occupants in the car during a collision

Role Of Hot Stamping Steel In Body-In-White Parts 1Role Of Hot Stamping Steel In Body-In-White Parts 2

Hot stamping steel can also effectively reduce the weight of the vehicle and save energy consumption. Due to the extremely high material strength of hot stamping steel, one hot stamping part can replace multiple parts of ordinary steel during design. These parts havethin thickness, lightweight, high strength, and less resilience than cold stamping. They are suitable for manufacturing reinforced A-pillars, B-pillars, floor parts, front ends, etc., and can improve safety and reduce the weight of vehicles.

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