Classification and composition of seam welding machines

The seam welder is a resistance welder in which the workpiece is placed between the roller electrodes or between the roller electrode and the strip electrode, rolling continuously or intermittently, and applying current intermittently or continuously to form a linear weld.

Seam welders can be divided into continuous seam welders and step-by-step seam welders according to the rotation mode of the roller electrodes; according to the relationship between the weld seam and the electrode arm, they can be divided into transverse seam welders, longitudinal seam welders and universal seam welders machine.

1. Horizontal seam welding machine

The resulting weld is perpendicular to the electrode arm. The rotation axis of the roller electrode of this type of welding machine is parallel to the electrode arm, as shown in the figure "Transverse Seam Welding Machine", which is mainly used to weld long welds and circumferential annular welds of horizontal workpieces.

2. Longitudinal seam welding machine

The resulting weld is parallel to the electrode arm. The rotation axis of this type of welding machine roller electrode is perpendicular to the electrode arm, and is mainly used for welding short welds of horizontal workpieces and longitudinal straight seams of cylindrical containers.

Longitudinal seam welder

3. Universal seam welder

That is, vertical and horizontal dual-purpose welding machine. The seam welding machine generally consists of the body, the pressurizing mechanism, the transmission mechanism, the welding resistance transformer, the power adjustment mechanism, and the welding circuit. Except for the electrode and the transmission mechanism, other parts are basically similar to the spot welding machine.

Universal seam welder

The main function of the transmission mechanism of the seam welding machine is to obtain the required welding speed, and some parts (such as the head of the seam welding machine) also undertake the task of transmitting the welding pressure and welding current. There are three types of transmission mechanism: upper electrode active, lower electrode active, and both upper and lower electrodes active. The horizontal seam welder is usually driven by the lower electrode, and the longitudinal seam welder and universal seam welder are generally driven by the upper electrode.

The principle and method of seam welding machine
What is a seam welder
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