Inverter spot welding machine to the deep development of several aspects

With the rapid development of the world manufacturing industry, the application of welding technology is becoming more and more widespread and the level of welding technology is getting higher and higher. New methods of welding processes are constantly emerging and specialized welding equipment changes with each passing day. When it comes to welding technology, we must mention the inverter spot welder.

The following are several aspects of the inverter spot welder to deepen the development:

①Increasing popularity.

The exhibiting rate of inverter spot welder is getting higher and higher, and the range of exhibitors is getting wider and wider. In previous years' exhibitions, almost all the big companies have displayed various inverter spot welding machines and new technologies. The new products are just different in their respective varieties, power, performance, functions and manufacturing levels. In addition, the variety of inverter spot welding machines are different, performance, but also improved features, welding methods and applications, increased and expanded.

②Increasing power manufacturing capacity.

In the past, it was thought that the inverter spot welder was very small, easy to move, and the advantages of power and material saving were mainly applicable to small and medium power applications.


Minimize the small power inverter spot welder by increasing the frequency and using high performance magnets, optimizing the structure, etc. For example, in the assembly and maintenance of frequent changes in welding position, small welding machine using thin plate welding only 3.4kg.

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