Is the spot welder safe?

1. For on-site use, there should be a rain-proof, moisture-proof and sun-proof hangar, and corresponding fire-fighting equipment should be installed.

2. Within 10m of the welding site, flammable and explosive items such as oil, wood, oxygen cylinders, and acetylene generators are not allowed to be stacked.

3. Welding operators and cooperating personnel must wear labor protection equipment as required. Safety measures must be taken to prevent accidents such as electric shock, falling from heights, gas poisoning and fire.

4. The secondary tap connection copper plate should be pressed tightly, and the terminal should have a washer. Before closing, check the terminal nuts, bolts and other parts in detail and confirm that they are in good condition and not loose or damaged. There are protective covers at the terminals.

5. Before use, check and confirm that the primary and secondary lines are correctly wired, the input voltage conforms to the nameplate regulations of the electric welding machine, and the type and scope of application of the welding current of the spot welding machine are known. It is strictly forbidden to touch the live parts of the primary circuit when the power is turned on. The primary and secondary wiring must be equipped with protective cover.

6. When moving the spot welding machine, the power supply should be cut off, and the welding machine should not be moved by pulling the cable. When there is a sudden power failure during welding, the power supply should be cut off immediately.

7. When welding non-ferrous metals such as copper, aluminum, zinc, tin, and lead, it must be carried out in a well-ventilated place, and the welding personnel should wear gas masks or breathing filters.

8. When multiple spot welding machines are used together, they should be connected to the three-phase power network to balance the three-phase load. The grounding devices of multiple welding machines should be connected separately from the grounding electrodes, and should not be connected in series.

9. It is strictly forbidden to weld on pressure pipelines, containers with inflammable and explosive materials and stress-bearing components in operation.

10. When welding preheating parts, a baffle should be set up to isolate the radiant heat emitted by the preheating welding parts.

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