Mechanical use of spot welding machine

How to use the spot welding machine:

1. When welding, the position of the electrode rod should be adjusted first, so that when the electrode is just pressed to the weldment, the electrode arms are kept parallel to each other.

2. The selection of the current adjustment switch series can be selected according to the thickness and material of the weldment. After the power is turned on, the power indicator light should be on, and the electrode pressure can be obtained by adjusting the spring pressure nut and changing its compression degree.

3. After completing the above adjustment, you can turn on the cooling water first and then turn on the power to prepare for welding. The procedure of the welding process: the weldment is placed between the two electrodes, the foot pedal is pressed, and the upper electrode is brought into contact with the weldment and pressurized. When the foot pedal is continued to be pressed, the power contact switch is turned on, so the transformer starts to work secondary. The loop is energized to heat the weldment. When the foot pedal is released after welding for a certain period of time, the electrode rises, and the power is first cut off by the tension of the spring and then restored to the original state, and the single-point welding process ends.

4. Preparation and assembly of weldments: All dirt, oil, oxide scale and rust must be removed before welding of steel weldments. For hot-rolled steel, it is best to pickle the weld, sandblast or use a grinding wheel to remove the oxide scale. Although the uncleaned weldment can be spot welded, it will seriously reduce the service life of the electrode, and at the same time reduce the production efficiency and quality of spot welding. Direct welding can be applied to medium and low carbon steels with a thin coating.

In addition, users can refer to the following process data when using:

1. Welding time: When welding medium and low carbon steel, the welding machine can use strong norm welding method (instantaneous energization) or weak norm welding method (long-term energization). Strong standard welding method should be used in mass production, which can improve production efficiency, reduce power consumption and reduce workpiece deformation.

2. Welding current: The welding current depends on the size, thickness and contact surface of the weldment. Generally, the higher the metal conductivity, the greater the electrode pressure, and the shorter the welding time should be. At this time, the required current density also increases.

3. Electrode pressure: The purpose of applying pressure to the weldment by the electrode is to reduce the contact resistance at the solder joint and ensure the pressure required for the formation of the solder joint.

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