Some suggestions during the operation of the seam welder

In the opinion of the resistance welding machine manufacturer, the seam welder works on the same principle as spot welding and is a resistance welding technology. The welded parts are assembled into a lap or butt joint and placed between two electrodes, the roller electrode presses the welded parts and rotates them, and electricity is continuously or intermittently fed to produce a continuous seam welding method of resistance welding technology. It can be said that the seam welder is the evolution of spot welding.

Daily commissioning points: choose a welding power source with relatively stable welding current and high quality electrodes. When the welding speed cannot be determined, it needs to be gradually adjusted to a good state from slow to fast. When the welding current cannot be determined, it must be gradually adjusted to a good state from small to fast.

There are also three proximity switches on the linear guide for checking the position of the welding gun, and the proximity switch near the motor is used to raise the brass block repair method on the piano key and mandrel to avoid forcing the return lock to stop due to improper proximity switch. The second checks the starting point of the torch and the third checks the end of the torch's travel. Before each welding, the welding gun gradually move from the starting point at a uniform speed (speed adjustable). When it reaches the arc starting point, the welder starts the arc and gradually welds. When the end of the stroke is reached, the welder extinguishes the arc, the motor reverses rapidly (speed is not adjustable) and the gun returns from the end point to the origin point, ready for the second welding. Therefore, before welding, after confirming the starting position of the welding gun (the first proximity switch), first adjust it so that it is exactly at the front end of the workpiece, and then specify the position of the end of the stroke (the third proximity switch) so that it is exactly at the end of the workpiece, i.e. the distance between the starting point and the end of the stroke is the length of the workpiece.

Before welding by seam welder, adjust the torch fine adjustment mechanism to align the tip of the torch tungsten pole with the workpiece weld, the distance between the tip of the torch pole and the workpiece is about 1mm, after confirming, you can start welding.

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