What are the places to improve the welding quality of spot welder?

The welding pressure of spot welder is one of the aspects of the machine's work that requires attention. The welding pressure is consistent with the welding parameters and the performance of the welded part, such as confirming the size of the bumps and the number of bumps to be welded at once.

Electrode pressure directly affects heat deposition and heat dissipation. When the parameters do not change, the electrode pressure will rupture the bump in advance and lose the inherent effect of the bump. At the same time, the strength of the joint is reduced due to the decrease in current density. If the pressure is too high or too low, it can lead to spatter, which is the cause of extremely poor solder joints.

Spot welding machine virtual welding formation factors: virtual welding must be encountered in the work, is the welding material and welding surface does not form an alloy structure, simply attached to the surface of the welded metal, virtual welding can be prevented, sometimes inattention, welding metal surface media or oil may lead to poor contact resistance, resulting in circuit work errors, so regular use of new electrodes or wear electrodes is the key work.

Do the task of reliable electrical connection: welding is the main physical measures to achieve electrical connection of electronic circuits, welding does not rely on pressure, but according to the welding process to form a solid alloy layer, in the initial testing and work may not be easy to find inadequate solder joints, short-term can also pass current, but with the change of conditions and the passage of time, the contact layer oxidation, separation, circuit formation or stop working, encounter these problems The need to check the appearance or a deeper inspection is something that needs attention in metal fabrication.

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