What points need to be emphasized in the production of the energy storage spot welder?

1.The stored electrical energy is proportional to the power

The main point of manufacturing the energy storage spot welder includes the control of electrical energy. As the name says, the device will convert the electrical energy stored in a specific part, and then continue to play an important role. The limit on electrical energy should be directly related to the power of the device. A high power device can store a large amount of electrical energy, otherwise it needs to be limited.

2. Maintain the steady state of pulse current

The key point of manufacturing energy storage spot welding machine includes controlling the current. The successfully converted electrical energy will form a concentrated pulse current. If its stability is not guaranteed, it will affect the effectiveness of the subsequent resistance heat. Therefore, in order to maintain the stability of the pulse current, a device for suppressing the current can be added to the conversion process, thus effectively converting the high frequency voltage.

3. Focus on the insistence of high efficiency and energy saving

The key points of manufacturing the energy storage spot welder also include high efficiency and energy saving, which is the key element to promote the spot welder. Therefore, manufacturers should pay special attention to the improvement and enhancement of these two aspects. Ensure that the spot welder has low impact and reasonable power consumption level during the contact with the grid.

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