Which stage does the pre-pressure time, pressurization time and holding time of the energy storage spot welder refer to?

Pre-pressure time: It is the time required to press the set electrode into contact with the workpiece and stabilize the pressure. This time can be set, but if it is set too short, the electrode may discharge in the air and lead to desoldering, and insufficient time and unstable pressure will lead to early spattering; if it is set too long, it will affect productivity. The exact value depends on the installation distance of the electrode and the descending speed of the head.

Pressurization time: In fact, in general, the whole process of applying pressure is the pressurization time period, including the pre-pressure time, but more often people want to express the pressurization time during the welding discharge, which can distinguish between pre-pressure time and holding time. If one only refers to the pressurization time during discharge, the pressurization time is the same as the welding discharge time. The pre-pressure and pressurized discharge, plus the holding time after discharge, complete the entire pressurization process. The pressurization time is consistent with the welding discharge time, so the length of time should be determined by the workpiece structure and welding effect requirements, which is the setting of the welding parameters.

Holding time: After the discharge of the energy storage spot welder welding, theoretically it is necessary to ensure that the molten metal is recooled and crystallized under a certain pressure to prevent loosening of the weld tissue or other defects.

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