Regular maintenance of the seam welder is the first step to ensure stable operation of the machine

I. Power switch.

1. Each welding machine must be equipped with a separate special power switch, and it is strictly forbidden to use one power switch for several welding machines.

2. When the equipment is overloaded, the power switch should be able to disconnect the power by itself. Select the starter to open the welding machine, must first turn off the power switch, and then open.

II. Equipment operation.

1. Long-term overload is strictly prohibited.

2. Before opening the equipment, the welding pliers and welding parts should not be short-circuited.

3. Check the electrical equipment, water cooling system and gas circuit system for any abnormalities after power on.

III. Maintenance.

1. Prohibit placing any objects and tools on the equipment.

2. Clean up inside and outside before and after operation.

3. Check the tightening of the parts regularly.

4. Need to disconnect the power after work.

Testing and maintenance are based on monitoring the operating conditions of the system. The monitoring reflects the initial signs of ineffectiveness of material damage and performance degradation, such as the content and characteristics of abrasive particles in the oil, vibration, noise, temperature rise of the system, etc. Based on the detection of signs of ineffectiveness, the degree of ineffectiveness and the location of the failure can be diagnosed. Although detection and maintenance cannot accurately predict the exact time of failure development, it can warn maintenance personnel in advance to take immediate maintenance action to avoid serious downtime failures.

Proactive Maintenance Preventive Maintenance:Proactive Maintenance Preventive Maintenance is a maintenance activity used before a machine becomes ineffective (material damage and performance degradation). Based on monitoring, source parameters that lead to system ineffectiveness can be obtained and source abnormal operating conditions can be corrected immediately to maintain a healthy working condition of the machine, such as oil contamination, physical and chemical properties of objects and temperature should be maintained within the permissible range according to maintenance measures to maintain the basic parameters to avoid failure and improve the service life of components.

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