School-enterprise Alliance For Development, Win-win Cooperation For New Chapter

Recently, at the invitation of the School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering of Zhongkai Agricultural Engineering College, Wang Yi, secretary of the second party branch of the faculty and Zhao Xianghua, head of the training section of the Graduate School, led some teachers of the College and 10 postgraduates of Agricultural Engineering and Information Technology Class of 2020 and 120 undergraduates of Mechanical and Electronic Engineering Class of 2020 to visit and exchange with our company.

Based on the concept of "complementary advantages, realistic and innovative, people-oriented and common development", the company actively hosted this event.


Mr. Zou Chunya, the president, firstly expressed his sincere welcome to the leaders and students of Zhongkai Agricultural Engineering College and introduced the development of Guangzhou Heron in recent years. He said that Guangzhou Heron is a high-tech enterprise featuring technological innovation, with a strong technical atmosphere and great emphasis on talent cultivation, and we expect to improve mutual understanding through continuous communication and interaction with student groups from various faculties of the school, so as to clarify the academic direction and establish better values for students. The school and the enterprise, as the upstream and downstream of student training, share the responsibility of guiding students to grow and become successful.Strengthening communication between schools and enterprises is conducive to jointly exploring the mode of talent training and making students become excellent talents suitable for the future development of society.


Secretary Wang Yi expressed his gratitude to Heron for hosting this event and highly recognized Heron's talent cultivation concept. Secretary Wang Yi said that the school will continue to deepen the partnership with enterprises, jointly explore the mode of education, continuously meet the needs of enterprises to improve human resources, and deliver more high-quality skilled talents to enterprises.

In the technical exchange and discussion session, Mr. Kong Xiangyu, vice president and chief engineer of the company, introduced the definition and technical evolution of the company's three types of order products, and gave a detailed example of the process of non-standard products from scheme design to the formal design stage of the project and the output of technical documents and the application of design software tools.


The student representatives also actively and enthusiastically spoke, putting forward their views and questions on the application of design software and practical practice methods, and the company leaders and seniors answered them one by one and shared their valuable experience. The students expressed that they had gained a lot and the trip was worthwhile.

The school leaders expressed their hope that the students would set the right attitude during their school years, be practical and lay a good foundation, not to be overly ambitious, but to be able to create value for the enterprise.

The leaders of the company said that the students should strive to improve the practical hands-on ability, go to the production site more often, understand the design principle and design good works; at the same time, cultivate the "craftsman spirit", study intensively, and take the road of skills to achieve success and serve the country with skills.


The successful development of this school-enterprise seminar further enhanced the profound friendship between school and enterprise, promoted the process of school-enterprise community building, and laid a solid foundation for future school-enterprise in-depth cooperation. Through this seminar, the students also have a certain understanding of the basic business and development plan of Heron, and also have new inspiration for their future study direction and working style, expecting the students to grow their talents, develop comprehensively and realize their self-worth.

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