How is the structural system of the butt welding machine composed?

The butt welding machine consists of a mechanical system and an electrical system. The welding machine body consists of a frame, a column, a vertical pneumatic cylinder seat, a pressurizing mechanism, a welding secondary circuit, a solder resist transformer and an electrical control circuit.

The welding pressure of the welding machine is driven by pneumatic pressure, and the pressure can be adjusted steplessly within the design range. The wide range of pressure characteristic curves combined with the wide range adjustment of the control system can realize the optimal combination of welding process parameters to ensure excellent welding quality. .

There is no need for a water cooling system to supply the thyristor and the electrode separately, making it easy to weld. The upper and lower electrode arms are adjustable to facilitate rapid grinding or adjustment of the electrode. The electrode head or electrode telescopic arm can meet different needs.

The mechanical system consists of the body, electrode components, cylinder components, air bag triplet, solenoid valve, etc. The electrical system components, special capacitors, high-power SCR contactless switches, diodes, rectifier bridges, AC contactors, LCD counters, etc. are imported from world-famous brands. .

The main circuit includes fuses, resistors, thyristors, capacitors and solder resist transformers, etc. The control unit: consists of a microcomputer control system, a trigger circuit, a welding start switch, etc. It has a photoelectrically isolated input and output interface, a synchronous detection circuit, and a digital pull-out It consists of a disk input interface, a luminous indication output interface, etc. The controller has a simple structure, stable operation, reliable performance, and easy maintenance.

How is the structural system of the butt welding machine composed?

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