Simple maintenance knowledge of resistance welding

Resistance welding, which has been recognized and used by many customers in the field of industrial manufacturing, will inevitably have some minor problems due to its own mechanical characteristics during long-term use. However, if you call the manufacturer to repair it, you will first waste a lot of time waiting. On the road to professionalism.

When the equipment is in use, spatter may easily occur during welding, which may seriously burn the surface of the equipment. These reasons may lead to such problems: This may be that the welding pressure of the mid-frequency spot welder is too small; the electrode surface has not been corrected cleanly, and the surface is dirty. Contamination; the welding current does not match the workpiece or the current setting is too large. Understand the above problems and check them, and then make corresponding adjustments.

When the equipment shows that the power is normal but there is no welding flame during welding. This is usually more common in medium frequency resistance welding equipment. The main reason is that the current setting is too small; the welding switch or charging fuse is damaged. Just replace it with a new switch or fuse.

If the device is turned on but there is no display on the screen, the first thing to check is whether the power supply of the device is normal and whether there is a power outage. If it is powered on and the power grid is normal but there is still no display, there may be a short circuit and the entire line needs to be checked.

Simple maintenance knowledge of resistance welding

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