Three factors affecting the efficiency of spot welding machine

1. Add pressure

Pressure during the welding process of a spot welder is an important factor in heat generation. Pressure is the mechanical force applied to the welding point. The pressure reduces the contact resistance and makes the resistance value uniform, which can prevent local heating during welding and make the welding effect uniform. .

2. Power-on time

The power-on time is also an important factor in generating heat. The heat generated by power-on is dissipated through conduction. Even if the total heat is constant, due to the difference in power-on time, the maximum temperature of the welding joint will be different, and the welding results will be different.

3. Current waveform

The optimal combination of heating and pressure in time is very important for spot welding machines. For this reason, the temperature distribution at each moment during the welding process must be appropriate. According to the material and size of the object to be welded, a certain amount of heat must flow through it within a certain period of time. Current, for the heating of the contact part, if the pressure is applied slowly, it will cause local heating and worsen the welding effect of the spot welder. In addition, if the current stops suddenly, the welding part will be cooled suddenly, which will cause cracks and material embrittlement. Therefore, the main current should be Before or after passing, pass a small current, or add pulses to the rising and falling currents.

Three factors affecting the efficiency of spot welding machine

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