What are the advantages of DC output of resistance welding equipment?

The direct current clustering effect of resistance welding equipment and its non-existent evidence zero effect, the welding heat is concentrated, and the current required is relatively small. This also requires less cooling water, and the spatter is reduced, which increases the electrode grinding period. The characteristics of rapid control of thyristor components, excellent spot welding maneuverability, soft performance, stable arc, calm molten pool, small spatter, and good welding seam shape are beneficial to getting rid of the tendency of alkaline electrodes to cause porosity during welding.

Frequency conversion spot welding machine is also a type of resistance welding, with stable current output and low energy consumption. It is suitable for automobiles, aviation, low-voltage electrical appliances, shipbuilding, metallurgy, chemical industry, construction and other fields.

The equipment consists of a frame, a pressurizing mechanism, an inverter box, a control cabinet, an AC transformer, a gas and water circuit part, a secondary connection part, etc. It can reduce interference in a secondary circuit with a large expansion area. The welding current is DC. When there are inductive/magnetic materials in the secondary winding, it cannot interfere with welding. In a semi-automatic device mechanism, one transformer can replace many low-frequency transformers to reduce the phenomenon of parallel connection of secondary circuits.

What are the advantages of DC output of resistance welding equipment?

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