What are the upsetting force parameters of the butt welding machine?

The upsetting force and cylinder clamping force of the welding machine are actually very demanding, especially the clamping force, which is 1.5-4 times the upsetting force. This requires the cylinder to be larger than ordinary cylinders. What are the specific parameters? How much is it?

The upsetting pressure of a butt welding machine is usually expressed as the pressure per unit area, that is, the upsetting pressure. The upsetting pressure should be large enough to squeeze out the liquid metal in the joint and produce a certain plastic deformation at the joint. The upsetting pressure is too high If it is small, the deformation will be insufficient and the joint strength will decrease; if the upsetting pressure is too large, the deformation will be too large and the crystal grain will be severely bent, which will also reduce the impact toughness of the joint.

The size of the upsetting pressure depends on the metal properties, temperature distribution characteristics, upsetting amount and speed, workpiece end face shape and other factors. Metals with high temperature and strength require large upsetting pressure. Increasing the temperature gradient will increase the upsetting pressure. Since high flash speed will cause the temperature gradient to increase, large upsetting pressure (150 400MPa) is required when welding metals with good thermal conductivity (copper, aluminum alloys)

What are the upsetting force parameters of the butt welding machine?

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