What should you pay attention to when using a butt welding machine?

The butt welding machine heats the end of the reinforced joint to a plastic state and then cuts off the power supply, and then heats the plastic connection. This welding process is easy in the joint part of oxidation and slag.

Adjust the distance between the two electrodes. The distance between the electrodes should be the difference between the total length of the two welds and the amount of squeeze when the joystick is at the left limit. When the joystick is in the correct position, the distance between the jaws should Add 23mm to the total length of the two welds, the original position before welding.

Adjust the short-circuit limit switch to automatically turn off the power at the end of the welding (the specified extrusion amount is reached). Press the welding seam shape, adjust the electrodes so that the two electrodes are at the same level, and then clamp the weldment.

In order to prevent the weldment from overheating instantly, please increase the number of welding adjustments as much as possible and choose an appropriate secondary voltage. In flash butt welding, it is appropriate to use a higher secondary voltage.

In order to avoid overheating of components during the welding process, the cooling water valve must be opened before welding. In order to facilitate inspection, a funnel is provided in front of the left side of the welding machine to directly observe the flow conditions so that there is no cooling water flowing in the welding machine.

What should you pay attention to when using a butt welding machine?

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