Why does resistance welding equipment have strong welding performance?

Resistance welding equipment has a complete electrical system, consisting of a microcomputer control system, a special trigger circuit trigger board, a rectifier, a welding start switch, an IGBT, a thyristor, a PLC and a low-voltage electrical switch. In the secondary current loop, the secondary output of the main transformer Multi-layer high-toughness, high-conductivity copper soft tapes are selected and connected in a V-shape to greatly increase the service life.

The secondary output uses an integrated direct connection mechanism to minimize power consumption. It is mainly aimed at high-precision, high-quality, and high-demand welding parts. Its welding principle is three-phase power balanced input, and it also carries out full-bridge rectification and inversion. Variable conversion, the output part is alternating current, and the welding frequency is between 40-150HZ.

The waveform is square wave or sine wave output, with three-phase input, one-way output and adjustable frequency. It can also be welded with a spot welding robot. By replacing the welding controller, the frequency conversion welding machine can exceed the performance of the DC welding machine. The equipment is It consists of three parts: mechanical device, power supply device and control device.

It has good operating functions. The upper and lower electrode arms are adjustable, which facilitates rapid grinding or changing of electrodes. Different electrode heads can be replaced for different welding parts or the electrode distance can be adjusted to meet the needs of different production operations.

Why does resistance welding equipment have strong welding performance?

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