Heron's Medium Voltage Capacitor Discharge Hot Formed Steel Technology Wins Two More Awards

Recently, Heron's project titled "Application Research and Industrialization of Intelligent Medium Voltage Capacitor Discharge Welding Hot formed Steel" was awarded the third prize of the Science and Technology Award by both the Guangdong Mechanical Engineering Society and the Guangdong Machinery Industry Association. This accomplishment further demonstrates Heron's significant expertise in the field of welding technology, particularly in overcoming technical challenges related to projection welding of hot formed steels, galvanized plates, high strength steels and nuts. 

Heron's Medium Voltage Capacitor Discharge Hot Formed Steel Technology Wins Two More Awards 1

Heron's Medium Voltage Capacitor Discharge Hot Formed Steel Technology Wins Two More Awards 2

Hot formed steel, renowned for its formidable strength and resilience, is extensively utilized in various industries such as automobiles, aerospace and ships. However, the welding of hot formed steel has always presented a technical challenge due to its distinctive material properties.

1. The formidable strength and resilience of hot formed steel present a significant obstacle in the welding process. This material requires rapid cooling after melting to restore its original mechanical properties. Regrettably, the heat generated during welding frequently impacts the material's microstructure, resulting in a deterioration of performance. 

2. The heat affected zone of hot formed steel during welding is a critical concern. The elevated temperatures experienced during welding cause structural and performance alterations near the welding area. These alterations can lead to a decrease in the strength and resilience of the welded joint, thereby compromising the safety and reliability of the entire structure.  

3. Welding cracks and deformation are also prevalent issues encountered in hot formed steel welding. The material's high strength and hardness, make it susceptible to stress concentration and crack propagation during welding. Additionally, the thermal stress during welding can cause material deformation, which adversely affects the welding quality.

4. Another challenge in hot formed steel welding is the optimization of welding process parameters. The selection of parameters such as welding current, voltage, and welding speed must take into account various factors, including material characteristics, shape, and size of the welded joint. This comprehensive consideration is necessary to achieve a high-quality connection of the welded joint.

Heron's medium voltage capacitor energy storage resistance welding technology was invented by Heron in 2010. It is composed of metal film non-polar capacitors, which are resistant to decay and explosion. The characteristics of capacitor energy storage welding include rapid current rise and extremely short welding time, within 30ms. The welding transformer does not require water cooling and is more compact compared to low voltage and high voltage options. Additionally, it is safer than high-voltage capacitor energy storage welders. When compared to AC or MFDC resistance welding, the welding current curve of CDW is highly suitable for the projection welding process, particularly for hot formed steel.  

Heron's Medium Voltage Capacitor Discharge Hot Formed Steel Technology Wins Two More Awards 3

Currently, this technology is highly developed and extensively utilized in spot welding of high strength steel, hot formed steel, ferrous metals, and non-ferrous metals. The welding equipment produced by Heron using this technology has been on the market for many years and has already been industrialized, receiving widespread acclaim from customers. If you have any further inquiries regarding this technology, please do not hesitate to contact us

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