What types of welding systems are available for resistance welding machines?

Without the advancement and improvement of technology, it is difficult for many products to complete some important steps. Resistance welding machine is one such product. Among them, the welding system of resistance welding machine plays a vital role in welding and should not be ignored. As the welding system is the basic and prerequisite for the working effect and efficiency of the welder, without a good welding system, there will be no considerable welding effect.

First, single-phase AC resistance welding machine in the welding system should not be ignored.

Resistance welding machine can have an impact, closely related to its own quality. Single-phase resistance welding machine is now more common, using a single-phase AC control system and transformer, can meet the needs of most low carbon steel welding. However, as industrial electrical capacity is controlled, welding plate thickness workpieces places a huge burden and impact on the grid. The advent of two other welding methods has solved this problem .

Second, the medium frequency inverter welder makes up for the shortage of single-phase.

In fact, the medium frequency inverter welder is a rather advanced welding technology. After the transformer rectification, the electrode outputs DC power, which can greatly improve the power factor, ensure the welding quality and save energy by 30%. This is one of the fundamental reasons why people like resistance welding machine.

Third, the three-stage rectifier welder realizes high-power welding technology.

Good brand and good reputation of resistance welding to the brand and reputation of the importance of self-evident. This resistance welding machine is mainly used for spot convex welding, and the main feature is that it can realize high-power welding and has a small impact on the power grid. Now it is also used for resistance welding of flash welding and seam welding.

The development of resistance welding machines is so considerable that their welding systems play a very important role in the process. The application of single-phase AC welder is a relatively simple and common welder in today's era; with the continuous expansion of development, the application of MF inverter welder plays a complementary role to make up for the shortage of single-phase; coupled with the application and promotion of three-phase welder. Therefore, there is no doubt that the welding system of resistance welding machine can be recognized and accepted in the market.



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